Need Help With A Math Problem And Taxes?

1. Martin sells a stock investment for $25,000 on August 2, 2009. Martin’s adjusted basis in the stock is $14,000.
A. If martin acquired the stock on November 15, 2008, calculate the amount and the nature of the gain or loss?
B. If martin had acquired the stock on September 11, 2007, calculate the amount and nature of the gain or loss?
2. Elvin, 45 years of age, sells his residence in 2009. He receives $30,000 in cash and the buyer assumes his $105,000 mortgage. Elvin also pays $6,500 in commissions and transfer costs.
A. Calculate the amount realized on the sale?
B.If the residence was acquired in 1986, and its adjusted basis is $75,000, calculate the amount and nature of the taxable gain on the sale (assuming he does not purchase a new residence)?
3. Jocasta owns an apartment complex that she purchased 6 years ago for $750,000. Jocasta has made $40,000 of capital improvements on the complex, and her depreciation claimed on the building to date is $150,000. Calculate Jocasta’ s adjusted basis in the building?
Can some help me with the three answer for me please.

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